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Deborah Shulman

Activities 2015-Present

  • Vice Chair – Larimer County Parks Advisory Board

    • Participate in parks and recreation management and development of the 2017 Master Plan

  • League of Women Voters

  • Water and Environmental Group

  • President of Road Association (Privately maintained county road)

    • Bring residents together, developed road plan, fundraising, identified vendors, created a budget, set dues, conduct meetings

  • Larimer County 101 – 2019 Class (awesome class!)

  • Active in county issues

    • NISP, Thornton Pipeline, LaPorte Gravel Mine

  • Poudre River Forum committee

  • Horsetooth Swim Races committee

  • Poudre Heritage Culturalist

  • Participant in facilitation and small group deliberation workshops

  • Outreach and meetings with stakeholders and power brokers

  • Emily’s List training



My name is Deborah Shulman, and I am a candidate for Larimer County Commissioner from District 2.

I am running to preserve and protect the beauty, open spaces, western landscapes and unique communities of Larimer County. I am prepared to meet the diverse needs of our residents and keep this a great place to live, raise families and retire. 

I came to Larimer County over 30 years ago to attend graduate school at Colorado State University. I knew immediately that I had found my home.

My husband and I met at Colorado State University where I earned my Ph.D. We married in Estes Park overlooking Lumpy Ridge, a place where we loved to hike and run. My son was born at Poudre Valley Hospital and got a great education in the Poudre School District. We have spent many happy hours in the mountains, prairie, plains, and reservoirs of Larimer County.

Our family home is on a small acreage in unincorporated Larimer County, in the foothills to the west of Fort Collins. I manage our heavily forested property, well and septic, mitigate for wildfire, and am president of our road association. I buy milk and eggs from a local dairy. We take our recycling to the county landfill facility, a basic utility of county government.

Before I came here, my life was in the ski industry where my employer gave me an athletic sponsorship.  I also had a side job of counseling and giving talks on nutrition. As with many people here now, you needed 2 jobs to survive.

After I retired from a decades-long career in health and fitness, I turned my focus to community service.

I serve as vice chair of the Larimer County (Reservoir) Parks Advisory Board, where I participate in managing parks and recreation. I have fought for the environment and the people in county issues such as NISP, the Thornton Pipeline, and the LaPorte Gravel Mine.   

The committees on which I serve promote physical activity, benefit charities and put on a popular water education forum. Through my participation in deliberation and facilitation workshops, I engage in outreach and conversation with stakeholders and power brokers. I can get things done.

We need to address the pressing issues of growth, transportation, affordable housing, health care, and air quality.  We need to relieve the tax burden for regular citizens of paying the costs for growth. We need to protect and preserve agriculture, open lands and our Larimer County way of life.

I will do this for us.




POB 238

Bellvue, CO 80512






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