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~ John F. Kennedy

Deborah Shulman

Activities 2015-Present

  • Vice Chair – Larimer County Parks Advisory Board

    • Participate in parks and recreation management and development of the 2017 Master Plan

  • League of Women Voters

  • Water and Environmental Group

  • President of Road Association (Privately maintained county road)

    • Bring residents together, developed road plan, fundraising, identified vendors, created a budget, set dues, conduct meetings

  • Larimer County 101 – 2019 Class (awesome class!)

  • Active in county issues

    • NISP, Thornton Pipeline, LaPorte Gravel Mine

  • Poudre River Forum committee

  • Horsetooth Swim Races committee

  • Poudre Heritage Culturalist

  • Participant in facilitation and small group deliberation workshops

  • Outreach and meetings with stakeholders and power brokers

  • Emily’s List training


Elect Me?

I have spent the past 4 years focusing on this goal. I have prepared and learned about county government as distinct from municipalities.  I have participated in county issues, have served on committees and boards, attended conferences, learned facilitation, taken classes and developed vision and platform to move us forward into the future.


I am the one candidate of all the candidates that can represent both urban and rural Larimer County.


I have lived in rural, unincorporated Larimer County up a steep windy privately maintained county road with heavily forested property.  The defensible zone we spent 20 years expanding helped save our home in the High Park Fire. I have spent over 30 years exploring the trails and roads, the mountains, the prairie and plains of Larimer County.  I belong to the LaPorte Rod and Gun Club.

I have spent 30 years in the urban areas as well. My husband and I were married in Estes Park. I earned my Ph.D. at CSU and enjoyed a health and fitness career. My son was born at Poudre Valley Hospital and educated in the Poudre School District. Farmer’s markets and CSAs are a mainstay of our diet. My husband has been a professor at CSU for decades. We try to buy local for our goods and services. I gave health and fitness talks for the City of Fort Collins wellness program and wrote a health and fitness column for the Coloradoan. I navigate the crowded roads and understand the need for transportation upgrades and connectivity.


I know both rural and urban Larimer County. I know the difference between county and city governments and the services each provides residents. I am seeing the impacts of growth in urban areas on unincorporated Larimer County where the county government is our only government.


I have heard platforms of other candidates that do not understand the role of county government, what it does, what it is responsible for, what the budgets are and what the issues are. 


They want rampant, unbridled development, such as in the Hughes rezoning, with the erroneous belief that building more and more houses equals affordable or attainable housing. It only creates more expensive housing, crowding and loss of quality of life.  It costs those that live here!


My goal is to relieve the tax burden of growth. I will bring stakeholders to the table and talk about growth – how, how much, how fast and where. Deliberate water and land use policy will guide future development.


Designated affordable housing needs to be kept affordable. I will plan for the future of water.


Countywide broadband and economic development in rural northern Larimer County will benefit us all. First though, we need to connect mountain communities to the urban front range.


As commissioner, I will promote and pursue conversation, collaboration, and goal setting to achieve the “best for most."


Together, we can preserve and protect what is so special about Larimer County while we grow. We can do this for our children and our children’s children. I can do that for you.