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THE ISSUES that matter to larimer county

The Impact of Growth

Our tax dollars are being used to subsidize and even drive growth. From tax incentives for businesses to move here, to new schools for new housing, we are subsidizing development, water, infrastructure and waste water treatment, police, fire, and county buildings. In other words, we are taxed now to pay for future growth.

Instead of using tax money to incentivize businesses (and more people) to move here and driving growth, we should use that money to support development of our rural economies, provide recreational opportunities, develop tourism, promote a local food supply, and create a bigger tax base.

We must take back our county from rampant development and resource extraction that has destroyed other places. Growth doesn’t have to mean an endless sea of houses and loss of quality of life. We have a choice on HOW we grow.

As commissioner I will look to Colorado Senate Bill 15 from 2001 that defines how to make growth pay for itself through development impact fees. I will grow our rural economy and tax base through agriculture, recreation and tourism.

Oil & Gas

As commissioner, I will pursue cooperative regional relationships to regulate emissions from oil and gas development that are essential to the goal of clean air in Larimer County.

Connect with Transportation

With the recent defeat of 1A – the 'half cent sales tax' – we must identify different sources of funding to improve transportation.


As Commissioner, I will promote a partnership between municipalities and the county to work together to expand public transportation from Wellington to Berthoud, connect mountain communities to the Front Range, and provide transportation between the mountain communities and the new mental health facility. On a community-wide level, I will seek to reduce overall pollution from vehicle traffic and improve multi-modal transport for our residents.

The Future of Water

No more pipelines across our county to feed rampant, uncontrolled, water thirsty distant growth!

Greeley, Thornton and now Northern cite deterioration of water quality as the reason to build pipelines across our county and essentially drain the Poudre upstream of Fort Collins. We want more water in the Poudre River. To do so, we need to clean up our water. If we want pipelines to originate below Fort Collins, we need to clean up our water. The goal is to increaser river flows and use the Poudre as the conduit for water, not pipelines.

Let’s partner to clean up the Poudre. A regional water treatment plant near the Larimer County border would benefit water providers, water consumers and municipalities in northern Colorado. Pipelines to take water to distant communities could originate below the water treatment facility.

Climate change, less snow, more evaporation and drought all threaten the future of the water supply. We need to include water in the plans for in future growth. Water and land use policy will guide development. We also need to protect our water supplies from distant water thirsty growth.

As commissioner, I bring a history of activism in county issues, water literacy and facilitation, networking, dialogue, collaboration and goal setting to the table. I will bring stakeholders together to develop regional goals in water management, treatment and planning.

Connect Residents with County-Wide Broadband

From telemedicine, to education, working remotely, and economic development, the whole county should have access to the internet.

As commissioner, a priority will be county-wide broadband.

Build a Rural Economy

Larimer County is the size of Delaware. The border of the county starts east of I-25, north to the border of Wyoming. West along the border of Colorado and Wyoming to the Medicine Bow Range. South on the mountain ridgeline, across Cameron Pass, along the spine of the Never Summer Range into Rocky Mountain National Park and then back East of I-25.  The concentration of the population is in the urban corridor from Wellington to Berthoud. Estes Park has a vibrant tourist economy. Half of Larimer County is public federal land and most is rural. And oh how beautiful it all is!

As commissioner, I will build a rural economy in Larimer County that follows the county goals of maintaining agriculture. I will also work to take advantage of our public lands by building a recreation and tourism economy, and increase the tax base for schools, roads, infrastructure, broadband, and services.

Sustainably Affordable Housing

We need affordable housing for middle-income teachers, firefighters, police, nurses and those professionals that are essential to the health of our community but cannot afford to live here. We also need to guarantee affordable housing for the poor. Building more and more developments, as we are doing now, does not create affordable housing.

As commissioner, I will move to protect and upgrade the affordable housing communities that are already here such as modular home parks. I am optimistic we can partner with developers to create new affordable home communities for current Larimer County residents with houses built off-site. 


Of course, we need to ensure that affordable homes stay affordable. Tax incentives for new developments could include affordable homes within those communities.

What issue should we discuss next?

As a candidate Larimer County Commissioner, I welcome the opportunity to visit with residents and peers. On which issue should we connect next? I'd like to hear from you!




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